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Office 2016

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MS Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 is packed with new and exciting features that encourage productivity and accessibility. User-friendly and efficient, versions of the software suite include MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel. Access, OneDrive for Business, Exchange, and Project are included with some Office 2016 purchases. Other applications that make Office 2016 the powerhouse that it is are SharePoint, Visio, and Skype for business.


The Perfect Solution for Households, Small Businesses, Large Enterprises, and Schools

Microsoft’s software is designed with many different types of users in mind (personal, professional, and academic). Households, small businesses, large enterprises, and schools benefit from using Microsoft products and programs. Accessibility features help people with visual and auditory impairments so that they’re able to use MS Office with minimal assistance.


Different Versions of Office 2016 to Meet Customers’ Individual Needs

For homes with single computers, Office 2016 Home and Student is the perfect option. Small businesses interested in marketing and record keeping find Office 2016 Home and Business ideal for business affairs. They are able to create promotional materials using Word, keep track of inventory using Excel, and email vendors, customers, and employees with Outlook.

Larger businesses find Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 packed full of programs, tools, and features that meet their needs. The software suite encourages creativity by maximizing productivity. Accomplishing more in less time is easy with Office 2016 products.


Accessible and Portable Options Emphasized More Than in the Past

Addressing the need to be accessible and portable, 2016 Office offers new features that users appreciate. For one, the coauthoring feature allows more than one person to edit a single document at a time. For group projects, it saves users time because it allows them to work alongside each other and communicate via messenger when issues come up.


Sharing Documents and Files is Highly Encouraged

Sharing documents takes on a new level of ease. Users click a button and decide who to send content to. If that isn’t of interest to a user, there is an easier way to attach files from OneDrive and sending them from Outlook.

Office 2016 automatically configures permissions making it clear who is allowed to receive content and who is not. Automated settings prevent users from doing more work than is necessary to research, edit, and share documents. Tell Me allows users to tell Excel, PowerPoint, and Word what to do and the program responds with a command it guides them to.


SoftwarePug Offers Instant Digital Downloadable Software and Apps

SoftwarePug makes it possible to gain immediate access to Microsoft Office 2016 software and apps. By offering products as digital downloads, we eliminate the need for packaging and shipping which lets us pass on savings to our customers. A significant discount on every product sold on our website can be seen by comparing the retail price to the SoftwarePug price listed.


Receive the Full Benefit of Microsoft Office 2016 Products Immediately

Digitally downloadable products save time and resources. Instant access makes it possible for Microsoft users to get the full benefit of their chosen software. Find out for yourself why Office 2016 is among the most popular productivity suites around by shopping our selection of products today.

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